4 Ways to Guarantee Your Fitness Leads Visit Your Gym a Second Time

One of the most difficult tasks for fitness studio owners is converting fitness leads into full-fledged, paying customers. If you own a gym, your major goal is to figure out a proven strategy for attracting new customers. These tactics will ensure that your fitness prospects return to work out a second time. Continue reading:


The lack of trust, or rather, the lack of confidence, is the primary reason fitness leads do not purchase a membership to your club the first time they visit. It takes time to create rapport between the two of you, just like it does in any other relationship. As a result, make this possible new member feel at ease when making the purchasing decision.

Show them that you want them back if you want fitness leads to return. Call them the next day to see how they liked their initial visit. Send them an email to let them know about upcoming classes that they might be interested in.


Another approach to entice a new visitor to return for a second workout is to arrange the remainder of their trial on their initial visit.

When you schedule future visits ahead of time, people are more likely to turn up since the expectation is already set. You’ve taken the hassle out of planning, and they don’t want to let you down after all your hard work.


Finding a routine that keeps people interested is an important component of working out and obtaining the motivation to go to a studio. So mix it up when scheduling a new visitor’s forthcoming exercises at your facility. If the first day’s work out was mostly focused on the arms, the next day’s activity should be more focused on the legs. Warm-ups and cool-downs can be included, as well as varied activities each time to keep their muscles guessing. Playing music during class is also beneficial, and you can even take song requests. Adding diversity to the workout keeps them interested and encourages them to return.

Additionally, during someone’s initial workout, make sure to highlight whatever makes your studio distinctive. Bike shoes, towels, and water bottles are examples of supplementary equipment. It may even be a free body fat evaluation or a post-exercise analysis that sends them their workout data — such as calories burnt, heart rate, and so on. Find something that works for your studio, because 74% of customers prefer to buy from the first firm to add value.


Some group exercise classes, especially those that employ equipment, have size restrictions (like spin, pilates, or TRX). These classes’ popular time slots tend to fill up rapidly, resulting in waiting lists. As a result, someone who signs up for a class but doesn’t show up can occasionally prohibit someone else — who could be even more interested in your studio — from attending. The simplest way to avoid this is to maintain a credit card on file for each of your fitness leads who makes appointments, much like hotels do with reservations. The card secures their seat in class, but you can charge them a modest price if they don’t show up or cancel within a certain number of hours of the class starting time. This makes people more likely to show up and avoid being charged.