4 Steps to Sign Up 100 Members to Your Gym or Fitness Studio

In just 60 days, you can sign up 100 paying members to your gym and/or virtual exercise alternative.

I realise that many gyms and fitness studios are experiencing difficulties right now, and the purpose of this article is to assist you in overcoming those difficulties and continuing to build your business.

The following are some of the obstacles that your fitness firm is likely to face:

  • A Confined Environment
  • Half-capacity operation
  • People are hesitant to visit your establishment.
  • Less revenue means a smaller budget.
  • I’m not sure what to say.
  • Consumers have no idea what you do.

 So, what are our options right now?

Here are four steps to get people to join your gym RIGHT NOW.


Here’s what it means to think beyond the box these days:

  • To get leads, use Facebook Ads… This isn’t to say you won’t run advertisements; rather, I’ll teach you an approach that will help you deal with your “less revenue, less budget” problem.
  • Make the most of Social Media’s reach to produce qualified leads naturally.
  • Get on the phone with the folks who are most interested as soon as feasible.


You must understand why someone would spend money on your fitness membership in order to convert interested leads into paying members.

People will always purchase more of what they desire rather than what they need.


How do you find out what your members want if they only buy what they really want?

It’s straightforward. They want to look and feel healthy, sexy, fit, or better, as they have in the past.

“Oh yeah… my arm looks quite good there,” or “Wow, look at my legs!” we’ve all thought when looking at a photo of ourselves.

People want to feel good about themselves and appreciate who they see.

Diets are started or restarted 9 times each year on average by American women… they want something. They want to feel better, healthier, sexier, and fitter.

The need to feel important and powerful is one of the most powerful human desires.

When a follower is asked, “What have you been up to?” It’s empowering to hear someone say, “You look wonderful!” It makes me happy. It’s proof that what we’re doing is effective.

You must demonstrate to individuals that your fitness studio will assist them in feeling this way.


Many times, objections are valid. I brought up the issue of money previously.

The majority of objections stem from the prospect’s need to have a question answered… they need to know that this will genuinely help them achieve their goals.

People do practically everything because of third-party confirmation.

When a friend, family member, celebrity, or influencer suggests anything, it instantly gains credibility… even if the recommendation is nonsensical.

Other members of your gym must persuade leads that doing something they wouldn’t ordinarily do is safe and enjoyable.

People can overcome their anxieties of your fitness studio via third-party validation:

  • It isn’t going to work out.
  • They’re afraid they won’t be able to do it.
  • It is ineffective in resolving their issue.
  • It isn’t as good as you claim.

Whatever their apprehension is, third-party validation gives them confidence and peace of mind that you can offer what they desire.